Dog towels to get your pup dry and cosy

Fight the dirt and damp dog smell with the best dog towel for the job.

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Whether it's to cool down in summer heat, or just for the fun of it, our dogs love to get wet! They'll happily go splashing in puddles, take a swim in the sea, or even take an impromptu leap into the local pond at the sight of a duck.

We all love our furry friends, but something all owners can agree on is that the post-swim/ bath time wet dog smell is not the one!

That's why it's important to have a great dog towel to hand to dry them off as soon as possible, keep them cosy and prevent water from getting shaken all over the car or kitchen floor.

We've picked out the best dog towels that are super soft, highly absorbent, and sure to make drying easier after walks or the dreaded bath time.

Best dog towels to clean and dry

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Designed like a pair of joined oven mitts with twin hand pockets, the Scruffs Noodle Drying Towel actually has a fantastic surface area for optimal drying with the microfibre chenille 'noodle' strands running the full length and improved airflow reducing the drying time. It's extremely absorbent, enabling your dog's coat to dry quickly after a wet and muddy walk, and is super easy to use. It's available in grey, burgundy, or blue so you can choose the right colour to coordinate with your furry friend's other accessories.

Not only do these towels come in a pack of two, but each towel will also absorb up to eight times its own weight in water. Talk about excellent value for money! Even if one towel is in the wash, you have a spare ready to go and it'll dry quickly after use. These aren't the biggest towels but reviewers have said that this shouldn't fool you - they work brilliantly regardless.

Suitable for all types of dogs, this towel has been designed in conjunction with experts in the care of canine coats and will help get your dog dry to a professional finish. This is a great replacement for your normal towels as a lightweight alternative that dries up to three times faster. This towel will work wonders for your pup's coat, prevent nasty tangles and get them dry in no time!

Looking for the best dog towel to get the drying process done as soon as possible? This is our top pick. The highly absorbent microfibres clean and dry your pet's coat, taking in more water and drying quicker than any regular towel. It'll help reduce the risk of damage to car and domestic interior furnishings and comes in two sizes (100 x 70cm or 150 x 100cm), fit for small and large dogs.

The thick, fluffy microfibre fabric of this towel is very soft and gentle for your dog and is able to dry carefully and quickly, ready to be used again for the next walk. The grey colour doesn't show dirt, even mud seems to disappear on this towel, so it can be used multiple times before washing. It's highly absorbent for both small and large dogs, and we'd be tempted to have one to hand for in the car, on the go, and in the house for after bath time.

This dog drying robe has it all: super soft, 100 per cent cotton fabric to wick away moisture, cool nautical style, and even the option to personalise with your pup's name in embroidery.

Super snuggly trapping air and body heat, this beach dog drying coat has a turtleneck design to keep the neck dry and warm which can be pulled up as a hood. It has a quick stud fastening, rather than Velcro or plastic clips, and no awkward leg straps too, making it super easy to put on and take off. Perfect for your beach-loving furry friend.

The best dog drying coats are a great, easy, and efficient way to keep your pup snug and get them dry on the move.

One of Amazon's bestsellers, this soft and absorbent coat is perfect for when man's best friend doesn't want to be rubbed down by a towel as they'll basically be drying themselves! With an adjustable collar and waist, it will be easy to put on no matter what breed you have. It comes in sizes ranging from S-XXL, and in purple and red. It's also machine washable and safe to tumble-dry, amazing for such an affordable product.

This dog bag is a life-saviour, not only to keep your dog warm and dry but to protect your car or furniture from mud, water, dog, and fur! Made from 100 per cent cotton, you have a choice of colours and sizes to suit your dog and simply need to zip up to close. Thick and absorbent, it'll dry your pup after exploring in the great outdoors, or could simply help to keep them warm indoors in the winter months.

Dog drying FAQs

Can I use my own towels to dry my dog?

Whilst this is definitely an option if you're left high and dry, you'd be best using a towel designed specifically for dogs. It'll work better on their fur as the smoother fabric won't get caught up, making it much more comfortable for them and easier for you to use. A dog drying towel will also dry them quicker with extra absorbency and will last longer, making it a great choice for excitable pooches.

Dog drying towel
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Should you wash dog towels separately?

While we're sure the potential mud, dirt, and smell might have put you off mixing anyway, it is important to wash your dog's towels (and other belongings) separately from people's clothes. Doing so will make sure they're cleaned effectively and safely for your pet.

You should:

• Use a pet-safe laundry detergent

• Check the label on the towel for specific care instructions

• Remove as much hair as possible before adding to your machine

• Wash on the highest recommended temperature setting to oust dirt

Arm & Hammer recommend running an extra rinse cycle to ensure all detergent is rinsed from the fabric

How to dry off your dog with ease

It might seem like common sense as a dog owner, but the quicker and easier you can dry your dog, the better!

Once your dog has taken a dip in the sea or been caught in the rain, you'll want to dry them off to keep them from getting cold and staying damp.

Without drying your canine companion, they could be at risk of catching pneumonia from being exposed to the cold, especially if they're particularly young or old with a weaker immune system.

This video from Top Dog Tips gives an easy follow guide to efficiently drying your dog after bath time that you can use on the go too.

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