Best dog drying coats and Black Friday deals to keep your pup warm and snug

Gift your pet their very own cuddly dressing gown to get them dry after walks and baths.

Best dog drying coat

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If your dog loves to dive into local rivers or roll in muddy puddles on their walks, the best dog drying coat will keep them warm and snuggly while they dry off. Not only that but it'll prevent you, your car or your home from getting soaked when they do the dreaded dog "shake off", especially when they're sopping wet. If your dog can't help but get down, dirty and wet when they're out and about, a dog drying coat will be just as essential as dog grooming products to get them dry and clean in no time.

The best dog drying coats are essentially like a dressing gown for your furry friend. They're designed to dry your dog quicker than you can with a doggy towel as it basically does all the hard work for you. They're usually made of absorbing layers of microfibre, cotton or towelling materials for quick drying, which will also provide some comfort for your pooch. They will help your pup stay warm, and can even help to minimise that wet dog smell from setting in as they get to work fast.

Last chance Black Friday deals on dog drying coats 2023

We interrupt the regularly scheduled content to let you know that although Black Friday is over, there's still time to grab some last chance Black Friday deals on dog drying coats. These are the retailers that still have deals available or keep scrolling to continue reading our buyer’s guide.

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Top deal: Weather-Beeta Dry-Dog Bag in M/Navy, WAS £44.99, NOW £25
50% off: Regatta Dog Drying Coat, WAS £30, NOW £14.95

There are a couple of things you'll want to think about when choosing the best dog drying coat for your pooch. We've covered this in more detail in our FAQs section, but the main things to think about are the size and fit, the material it's made from, how simple it is to put on and take off, as well as how easy it is to clean after use. Of course, drying coats are more than just a pet care essential, they can be a bit of a fashion accessory. There are many colours and patterns to choose from so you can make sure your pooch looks and feels their best while getting dry.

Whatever style of coat you choose, your furry friend is sure to feel pampered as soon as they try one on. The best drying coats will have your soggy doggy bone dry in no time, so we've searched the web to bring you a selection of great drying coats that are best sellers online or come highly rated by real-life customers.

Best dog drying coat at a glance:

Best overall: Ruff and Tumble Classic Dog Drying Coat – view on Amazon UK
Best for outdoor adventures: Regatta Dog Drying Coat – view on Regatta
Best value: Amazon Dog Drying Coat Robe Towel – view on Amazon UK

Best dog drying coat

Best overall

Ruff and Tumble Classic Dog Drying CoatAmazon
Price: £39.95


This one is for those of you who love a classic look. This Ruff and Tumble Classic Dog Drying Coat


  • Six colours
  • Large size variety for different breeds


  • One customer reviewer felt it was good at drying top coats but not so much undercoats so may not be ideal for dogs with a LOT of fur

Best for outdoor adventures

on sale

Regatta Dog Drying Coat Regatta
Price: £14.95 (was £30)


Warming and quick-drying - the Regatta Dog Drying Coat will keep your pooch warm and fresh on


  • Two colours
  • Range of sizes


  • Same price for every size so not as good value for small breeds compared to larger ones

Best value

Amazon Dog Drying Coat Robe TowelAmazon
Price: £15.99


This soft and absorbent Amazon Dog Drying Coat Robe Towel is perfect for when man's best friend


  • Large range of sizes
  • Highly rated


  • One reviewer found that the colour transferred when wet so may not be ideal for white or other lighter coloured dogs

Best personalised coat

Harbour Hounds Dog Drying Robe StripedEtsy
Price: £29.99+


Harbour Hounds super snuggly beach Dog Drying Robe is nautically styled and a must for any


  • Made from 100 per cent cotton
  • Cute design


  • Material around the neck is thicker compared to others which some dogs may not like

Best luxury drying coat

Ruff and Tumble Design Collection Drying Coatruff and tumble


Another option from Ruff and Tumble, the Ruff and Tumble Design Collection Drying Coat is similar


  • Designer look for a fashionable twist
  • Easy to put on 


  • If you personalise the coat, it cannot be exchanged or refunded

Best for small dogs

Urban Pup Pink Fluffy Terry DogPets at Home


For those of you who have a puppy that's too small for the other options, this cute dressing gown


  • Made from fluffy plush micro-fibre
  • Machine Washable


  • One size only

Best for large dogs

Amazon Geycete Dog Drying Coatamazon
Price: £13.99


Made from microfibre, the Amazon Geycete Dog Drying Coat is fast-drying and absorbent. Its 'magic


  • Large range of sizes and colours
  • It uses a 'magic tape design' for easy application


  • Colour might run when washed so it's best to wash on its own


What should you look for when choosing a dog drying coat?

There are a couple of things you'll want to consider when choosing the best dog drying coat that meets your needs and most importantly, your dogs.

Size and fit

The best dog drying coats should be snug yet comfortable, so you’ll want to make sure you choose a coat that fits your dog correctly. After all, dogs come in all shapes and sizes so one coat may fit one breed but may be too big or too small for another.

You’ll want to make sure the coat covers your dog’s entire body, including their chest and legs. You may also be able to get a drying coat that has a hood to make sure your dog’s head and ears can benefit from quick drying.


To ensure moisture can wick away from your dog’s fur quickly and effectively, it’s important that you pick a dog drying coat that is made from high-quality, absorbent materials such as microfibre, cotton or other towelling materials.

Ease of use

When you’ve got a soggy doggy on your hands, you need to act fast, or you’ll end up soaked, too. That’s why you’ll want to consider how easy it is to put on your dog, as well as how simple the fastening mechanisms are to do up.

The best dog drying coats have adjustable fastenings, such as Velcro straps or buckles, that you can quickly put together when needed. They’re also secure to make sure they stay in place on your pup without restricting their movements, of course.


Another factor you’ll want to think about is how easy it is to clean and maintain the coat. Just like a towel or dog bed, they will need washing from time to time to make sure they stay fresh and clean. For that reason, we’d suggest looking for coats that are machine washable.

Design and style

Last but by no means least is design and style. Dog drying coats can actually be a bit of a fashion statement as they come in a variety of colours and patterns. You may want to choose one in your favourite colour, opt for one that matches your dog’s collar, or you could pick a pattern that best suits your dog’s personality. The choice is all yours!

Bob the Labrador modelling his dog drying coat for Take A Break Pets. Credit: Holly Yeeles/Take A Break Pets

Are dog drying coats any good?

Many dog owners find that dog drying coats are essential for their pooch after a long wet walk or when they need help drying off quickly after they’ve been scrubbed clean with dog shampoo in the bath. The best dog drying coats will rapidly absorb moisture from your dog’s fur post-bath or rainy walk to get them dry in no time.

As well as offering quicker drying, they’ll keep the water contained when your pooch inevitably goes to try and shake themselves dry. Drying coats reduce the risk of your hound catching a chill as they’re usually made from high-quality materials that will keep your dog warm and comfortable while they’re getting dry.

They’re also a less stressful alternative for getting your dog dry compared to using a hair dryer as there are no loud sounds or hot air blasting out to unsettle them, making dog drying coats a more gentle way to get the wet out of your pooch’s fur.

How do you get your dog used to wearing a dog drying coat?

If your dog isn't used to wearing clothes, it may take some time to get them used to their dog drying coat. The most important thing is that you don't rush them to get used to it and don't force them to wear it if they really don't like it.

You should start by letting your dog inspect their new drying coat without putting it on, giving them the chance to sniff it and investigate it in their own time to become more familiar with it. Every time they interact with the coat, make sure you offer lots of praise, fuss and treats (especially if your pooch is food-motivated) so your pooch associates the drying coat with positive experiences.

The first time your pooch wearing their drying coat, you'll want to keep it short but sweet, and while they're dry, too. Start with just a few minutes and gradually increase the duration until your dog seems confident and comfortable wearing it. Your hound should then be more than happy to wear it while they're wet.

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