Best cat food for Bengal cats who are wild at heart

Make your little leopard feel like a lion with food to give them vitality.

Best cat food for Bengal cats

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When it comes to the best cat food for Bengal cats, think how cats eat in the wild. All felines are obligate carnivores and need a meat-based diet. Not to mention, the Bengal breed resembles a mini leopard because it is the result of cross-breeding the Asian Leopard Cat with domestic tabbies and other short-haired breeds. The best cat food for an energetic Bengal – with one paw firmly in the wild – is a high protein, high meat content diet.

Naturally, this medium-sized breed loves to climb and jump. Bengals are active, intelligent and have a dog-like personality – learning tricks and playing fetch. Purina's guide to Bengal cats states that this breed is muscular and can weigh between 3.6–7.7kg. Whether your Bengal is an indoor or outdoor cat, they will need meaty, protein-rich cat food to fuel their fun and keep their short, silky coat luxuriously soft. It's also a good idea to give food and treats in a puzzle feeder or treat dispensing toy, to keep this inquisitive breed stimulated and engage their hunting instincts.

Best cat food for Bengal cats at a glance:

Best raw cat food for Bengal cats: Bella & Duke Terrific Turkey & Chicken with Lamb – View on Bella & Duke
Best dry cat food for Bengal cats: Royal Canin Bengal Adult Dry Cat Food – View on Pets Supermarket
Best wet cat food for Bengal cats: Applaws Natural Wet Cat Food – View on Amazon UK

The raw food diet is a quality option as the best cat food for Bengals. However, be sure to handle raw cat food carefully to prevent bacterial contamination. It can also be tricky to get the right nutritional balance, so speak to your vet first before introducing your Bengal to a raw diet. Fresh cat food brand Bella & Duke offers safely pre-prepared raw cat food, delivered frozen in convenient trays. Alternatively, a combination of wet and dry cat food gives cats a variety of textures. Wet cat food is hydrating and dry cat food is great for keeping your kitty's teeth clean.

If your Bengal displays any signs of fussiness or sensitivity to their food, there are alternative diets available. The best cat food for fussy cats has enhanced aroma, flavour and texture to appeal to picky pets or you could try hypoallergenic cat food for skin allergies and tummy upsets. If symptoms persist or worsen, consult your vet. For more guidance on beautiful Bengals and their eating habits, scroll to the FAQs below.

Best cat food for Bengal cats

Best raw cat food for Bengal cats

Terrific Turkey & Chicken with LambBella & Duke
Price: £3.38 per tub

Take a walk on the wild side with Bella & Duke's Terrific Turkey & Chicken with Lamb. This prepared raw cat food is conveniently frozen in trays and just needs defrosting the day before serving. There are a range of meaty flavours and treats available via a subscription service. It is truly a biologically appropriate diet for felines who have echoes of the wild in their genetics and their lion-like appetite.

Customer review: "My cat's general health, and physical happiness has jumped through the roof. They enjoy every single meal that I give them and lick the bowl clean. I’ve never seen them so excited to have breakfast in the morning and dinner. I’m so glad I finally did it. Raw feed, cats and dogs peeps."


  • Biologically appropriate food for cats
  • High-quality ingredients
  • Conveniently prepared and packaged
  • RawSAFE accredited


  • Takes up freezer and fridge space

Best dry cat food for Bengal cats

Royal Canin Bengal Adult Cat Dry FoodPet Supermarket/Royal Canin

Royal Canin Bengal Adult Dry Cat Food is formulated to meet the unique dietary needs of this active breed. The kibble has a high protein content and fat to sustain muscle mass and energy. With a focus on digestive health, the composition of ingredients incorporates easily digestible proteins and prebiotics. Its Y-shaped kibble promotes oral hygiene. Enriched with amino acids, vitamins, and omega fatty acids, it nurtures the Bengal's glossy coat and skin health. Additionally, minerals support healthy urinary function. This complete cat food contains everything to keep your little leopard athletic and healthy.

Customer review: "Bought this in the hope my Bengal would eat it rather than our other cat’s prescribed food – she instantly loved it and actually seemed to find it easier to eat than the round kibble she liked before."


  • Tailor-made kibble
  • Nutrition that's formulated for the breed
  • Supports digestive health
  • Healthy, glossy coat


  • Contains wheat

Best wet cat food for Bengal cats

Applaws Natural Wet Cat Food, Chicken and Fish in BrothAmazon/Applaws

Bengal cats have a paw-some attitude and need nutrient-dense food to keep them bounding and full of fun. Applaws Natural Wet Cat Food, Chicken and Fish in Broth contains 75 per cent tuna fillet – plus chicken – meaning 100 purr-cent catisfaction for your Bengal. Wet cat food provides flavour and hydration, complementing any dry diet for balanced nutrition. Applaws tins contain simple ingredients with essential taurine, Omega-6 and Omega-3 that cats need for eye, heart, brain, and skin health. Flavours include: Tuna Fillet, Chicken Breast, Ocean Fish, and Chicken Breast with Cheese.

Customer review: "This is obviously a high-quality food, and I've tried a few different kinds – for the price point, I don't think you'd find better. Sure, you can buy some convenience store brands for much cheaper, but I'd rather spend the extra to make sure my pet is as healthy as they can be to save on potential vet bills later."


  • 100 per cent natural, high-protein ingredients
  • Appetising texture
  • Range of flavours


  • No additional antioxidants may need supplementing with kibble

Best cat food for indoor Bengal cats

PrimaCat Complete Dry Chicken Sterilised Adult Cat FoodAmazon/PrimaCat

If your Bengal is an indoor cat or sterilised, PrimaCat Complete Dry Chicken Sterilised Adult Cat Food is a great option as it is high in protein and contains prebiotics and antioxidants to keep your cat in tip-top condition. Occasionally, Bengals have digestive issues, and this PrimaCat dry cat food offers a grain-free alternative. Reviews also comment that fussy cats have taken to this brand. Flavours include: Chicken, Grain Free Salmon, Salmon, and Grain Free Turkey and Insect.

Customer review: "I have four indoor cats and two are pretty fussy. They absolutely all love this food and will buy again."


  • 90 per cent of protein is of animal origin
  • Grain-free
  • Fussy cats like it


  • Small bag size

Best grain-free dry cat food for Bengal cats

Applaws Complete Natural and Grain Free Dry Adult Cat FoodAmazon/Applaws

Applaws Complete Natural and Grain-Free Dry Adult Cat Food is a high-quality kibble comprising 80 per cent chicken, enriched with essential vitamins and minerals for overall cat health. Its grain-free formula aids digestion, weight management and alleviates grain-related allergies. With natural Omega-3 & 6 fatty acids, it supports heart, brain and eye health – as well as joint health and a lustrous coat. This balanced and hypoallergenic recipe provides daily complete nutrition, and there's a range of flavours and complementary wet cat foods to combine. Flavours include: Chicken, Ocean Fish with Salmon, Chicken with Salmon, Chicken with Lamb, Chicken with Duck, and Senior Chicken.

Customer review: "My little Bengal always took great care of her coat but it developed an even better shine and softness. Now that I actually know something about cat nutrition and have seen the effects of proper nutrition for a while. I can say with confidence that a high meat content, no grain food is a must, and Applaws is going to be the food of choice from hereon in."


  • Amazon's Choice
  • 80 per cent chicken protein
  • Grain-free


  • Some reviews comment that it smells

Best dry food for Bengal kittens

Arden Grange Kitten Food ChickenAmazon/Arden Grange
Price: $39.00

Arden Grange Kitten Food Chicken is a premium pet food designed for kittens and pregnant/lactating queens. Its concentrated formula – rich in vitamins and minerals – supports the growth and development of kittens, especially important for developing the musculature of Bengal cats. Featuring a chicken protein source for a diet closer to cats' natural needs while ensuring balanced nutrition. Key ingredients such as prebiotics, joint supplements, taurine, essential fatty acids, and cranberry extract contribute to digestive health, heart function, skin and coat health, and urinary tract health. Additionally, it's naturally hypoallergenic – free from common allergens like wheat gluten, beef, soya, and dairy products.

Customer review: "Have fed my Bengal kitten this food alongside Applaws tins since we got him at nine weeks old. He prefers the wet food but I leave these biscuits out for him to graze on and works well. He is beautifully healthy and has the loveliest silky fur and never upsets his tummy. Good value for money compared to other brands. I really vouch for the more natural grain free brands."


  • Specially shaped kibble for kitten-size mouths
  • Naturally hypoallergenic
  • High protein content and balanced nutrition


  • Customers comment that it smells

Best subscribe and save dry cat food

Lifelong Grainfree Recipe Dry Cat FoodAmazon/Lifelong

The beautiful sheen on a Bengal's coat requires a good source of protein and oils. Maintain those magnificent markings with Lifelong Grainfree Recipe Dry Cat Food. It has a premium formula with 62 per cent chicken, providing complete nutrition for adult cats. It's hypoallergenic and single-source protein (chicken) with no added wheat, maize, soya, egg, lactose, or gluten. Made with natural ingredients, Lifelong has natural antioxidants from fruits and vegetables to support overall health. Additionally, aromatic herbs aid digestion. Added glucosamine, chondroitin, and marigold support joint, eye and heart health. Developed with vets, this grain-free range prioritises your cat's wellbeing, making it ideal for those with sensitive stomachs.

Customer review: "This product is clearly good for my cat's digestive tract – she uses a litter tray indoors and when nature calls for her there is no foul odours at all coming from her tray. Her stools are as healthy looking as when she is fed raw chicken thighs – she is at least 15 years old and still runs and jumps around like a kitten – I've adapted her to eating a mixed diet of raw feeding and this product - this is on separate days."


  • 40 per cent protein from fresh chicken
  • Grain-free
  • Good value for money on Subscribe & Save


  • May not suit cats with sensitive digestion issues

Best value high protein wet cat food

HiLife it's only natural Big Chicken OneAmazon/HiLife

HiLife it's only natural Big Chicken One wet cat food contains 100 per cent natural ingredients that are simple and wholesome. The meaty chunks of chicken and beef are textured and provide an interesting meal for your little leopard. In addition, there are natural oils, yeast extract, yucca and chicory to provide complete nutrition and antioxidants. A range of meat and fish flavours are available.

Customer review: "This food has been an absolute dream come true. Many of the sensitive foods either haven't worked or he hasn't liked them. This one doesn't touch the sides and he has put on so much weight in the month that he has been on this food. He looks fantastic and he purrs while he eats it, which speaks volumes. If you have a cat with a sensitive tummy or you're looking for a healthier alternative to what you're currently feeding your cat then I 100 per cent recommend this food. It literally saved my cat's life."


  • Complete wet cat food
  • Amazon's Choice
  • Discernible meaty texture


  • Some cats didn't like it

Best wet food for senior Bengal cats

Scrumbles Grain Free 70% Chicken Wet Cat FoodAmazon/Scrumbles

When cats get long in the tooth, they need food that's easier to eat. This Scrumbles Grain Free 70% Chicken Wet Cat Food has a soft mousse texture and contains Slippery Elm powder to maintain good gut health. Therefore, your senior Bengal will thrive on its high meat content, plus salmon oil for Omega 3, sunflower for Omega 6 and fatty acids to maintain good joint health and a glossy coat. Flavours include Chicken, Salmon, Tuna, and Turkey.

Customer review: "Her first bowl of the chicken version was polished off in very short order, with a vigour that’s is normally only reserved for chicken breast or steamed cod and then only occasionally. It is a pate style, a little like Gourmet Gold, and with a small amount of liquid gravy, so easy for an elderly cat to eat."


  • Amazon's Choice
  • Easy to eat
  • Nutritionally dense


  • Needs supplementing with dry cat food

Best premium dry cat food for Bengal cats

Tippaws Turkey & ChickenTippaws

Your little wild thing will love Tippaws Turkey & Chicken. It's a specially formulated dry cat food that's cooked low and slow at 70°C to preserve all the goodness of the premium ingredients. It's a no-fuss complete cat food that can be perfectly portioned and resealed for freshness. Flavours include: Turkey & Chicken, Chicken, Tuna & Salmon, and Salmon & White Fish. Support cat charities such as Protected Paws, Stray Cat Rescue and Yorkshire Cat Rescue with your order.

Customer review: "Great cat biscuits, with quality ingredients and come in handy resealable bag."


  • Real turkey and chicken
  • Quality ingredients
  • Prebiotics for good gut health
  • Donation to cat rescue with every order


  • Have to order in bulk and subscribe to get a saving

Our verdict: Best cat food for Bengal cats

Bengals with a taste for the wild will love Bella & Duke raw cat food. This is a premium cat food subscription service, offering a biologically appropriate meat-based diet in its purest form. It's grain-free, low carb and hypoallergenic.

With raw food, you have to make a commitment to storing and handling it safely. Dr Micheal Lazaris, small animal vet and co-director of practice Vets on the Common, says “If you decide to feed your pet a raw diet, you need to be extremely strict with hygiene, using separate bowls, washing your hands frequently, keep the raw food away from human food in the fridge etc. Also, don't let your cat kiss you, especially straight after they've eaten!” It is also tricky to get the nutrient ratios correct for your cat with a raw diet, which can lead to nutritional deficiencies over time, so you should always consult with your vet before switching your cat to this type of diet.

Alternatively, for a kibble that's top-notch for Bengals, we recommend Royal Canin Bengal Adult Dry Cat Food. It contains 40 per cent protein, 18 per cent fat content and 3.8 per cent crude fibre. This special composition maintains the muscle condition of this athletic breed. Also, it's highly digestible; the adapted fibre content and prebiotics minimise digestive issues that can affect Bengals. Also, the kibble is uniquely Y-shaped for narrow jaws, making it easier for Bengals to chew.

FAQs: Best cat food for Bengal cats

What should I feed my Bengal cat?

As natural predators, Bengals need a high-quality diet to maintain their energy levels and body condition. As a starting point, refer to the feeding guide on branded cat food. It's essential to monitor your Bengal's food intake and adjust their diet accordingly to maintain a healthy weight and overall wellbeing.

For optimal health, feed your Bengal cat a high-protein diet, with meat-based foods. Always, ensure fresh water is available. Additionally, consider a grain-free diet if your Bengal has a fussy or sensitive reaction to their current food.

Fresh cat food experts Katkin advise: "Bengal cats should eat between 270-360 calories a day to thrive and mealtimes can be twice a day." Be advised this depends on a Bengal's age, weight, gender and whether they've been neutered. In their guide to Bengal cat food, Katkin advocates a high protein, low carb diet: "Ideally Bengal cats should have a high protein diet which is low in carbohydrates, with 20-30 per cent comprised of good fats such as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids."

If you're interested to know more about Katkin, read our guide on the best subscription boxes for cats.

Bengal cat
©Getty Images/Meaghan Skinner Photography

What are the benefits of owning a Bengal?

The Bengal, often dubbed 'The Little Leopard', is a blend of domestic and Asian Leopard cat ancestry, yielding its striking appearance. Bengals can be demanding, vocal, intelligent and very affectionate – albeit in a playful way, rather than a docile lap cat.

Bengal cats can bring excitement, companionship, and joy with their unique characteristics and fun-loving personalities. Owning a Bengal cat brings several benefits:

With their unique appearance Bengals have striking coats reminiscent of their wild ancestors. They look like miniature leopards. Moreover, their shorthair coat is low shedding, making them easier to groom and maintain.

Playful and energetic, Bengals are known for their active nature and love of play, making them entertaining companions. They often enjoy the company of other pets and can adapt well to multi-pet households. They are vigilant and love jumping and leaping, there it's important to provide them with a cat tower if they are indoor cats.

Bengals are intelligent cats that can be trained to do tricks and enjoy interactive toys and games.

They are affectionate and form strong bonds with their owners and enjoy being part of the family.

What are the drawbacks of Bengals?

While Bengal cats can make wonderful companions for the right owner, it's essential to consider these potential drawbacks and ensure that their needs are met for a happy and fulfilling life together.

Bengals are extremely active, requiring mental and physical stimulation. Without proper outlets for their energy, they may become bored and engage in destructive behaviour. Bengals often crave attention and can become demanding if they feel neglected. They thrive in households where they receive plenty of interaction and playtime.

Bengals are known for being vocal and may be more talkative than other breeds, which could be bothersome to some owners. Alternatively, this could add personality and charm to your home.

These mini leopards retain some of their wild instincts, including a strong prey drive. They may be prone to chasing small animals or causing mischief if not properly supervised.

Bengal cats can be more expensive to purchase initially due to their breed status.

Being intelligent cats can make them stubborn or challenging to train at times. Consistent training and positive reinforcement are necessary for success.

Due to their active nature, Bengals do best in homes with space to run and play.

Bengal cat playing
©Getty Images/ Image by Paul Mason

How do I transition my cat to a different type of food?

You might be considering changing your cat's diet to address specific health concerns, such as weight management, digestive issues or allergies. It might be to accommodate different life stages, such as transitioning from kitten to adult food. Or, you might switch to a different type of food to provide variety or follow an alternative diet such as raw/ BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) diet.

A gradual transition is necessary to prevent digestive upset and allow your cat to adjust to the new diet. It also ensures they receive proper nutrition and can help address any dietary concerns or preferences your cat may show.

To switch your cat's food, gradually introduce the new food over 7-10 days by mixing increasing amounts with the current food. Look for any digestive issues. Ensure fresh water is always available. Finally, consult with your vet for guidance, especially if your cat has specific dietary needs or health concerns.

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