Best cat food for British Shorthair cats in the UK

Give your feline friend the tailored nutrition they need and deserve.

Best cat food for British Shorthair cats

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If you are a new owner of a beautiful British Shorthair, finding the best cat food for British Shorthair cats will be a big priority. Even if you are a seasoned pro when it comes to taking care of these majestic moggies, providing your beloved feline with top-quality cat food that is tailored to their specific needs can contribute to improving their overall health and wellbeing.

Characterised by their butter-wouldn’t-melt big, round eyes and their thick coat with plenty of fluff, there are plenty of reasons why British shorthair cats are one of the UK’s most popular cat breeds. To ensure their beautiful fur stays looking nice and shiny, you’ll want to look for a wet or dry cat food that has high levels of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids as these will aid with keeping their skin and coat in a good condition.

Best cat food for British Shorthair cats at a glance:

• Best dry cat food for British Shorthair: Royal Canin British Shorthair Adult Dry Cat Food – view on Viovet
• Best wet cat food for British Shorthair: Royal Canin British Shorthair Adult Cat Wet Food – view on Viovet
• Best fresh cat food for British Shorthair: KatKin Cat Food Subscription – view on KitKat

The breed is known for its chilled-out and easy-going temperament, but this also means they can be a little bit lazy compared to other cat breeds. With that in mind, the best cat food for British Shorthairs may be one that is a calorie-controlled diet or offers some form of weight management to stop them gaining too much fat. That being said, you’ll also want to ensure their diet still has plenty of protein in it to build up their strength and support their muscle development.

Whether you’re after the best dry cat food for British Shorthair cats or after a wet cat food diet for your little fluff ball, we’re here to help. We’ve searched the web to find British Shorthair cat food that will provide the right levels of nutrition to have your feline friend thriving.

Best cat food for British Shorthair UK

Best dry cat food for British Shorthair cats

Royal Canin British Shorthair Adult Dry Cat FoodRoyal Canin/Viovet
Price: £6.49-£74.80

Opting for a breed-specific food, like the Royal Canin British Shorthair Adult Dry Cat Food, will ensure your British Shorthair is getting all the right nutrients they need to grow happy and healthy as the recipe is tailored to their needs. Enriched with an adapted level of protein and L-Carnitine, it supports muscle mass and healthy fat metabolism. Omega-3 fatty acids maintain bone and joint health, while taurine, EPA, and DHA promote cardiac function. The kibble has a large and curvy shape that has been adapted according to the British Shorthair cat's jaw, aiding their oral hygiene too.

Customer review: "Perfect for my cat. Makes her bite kibble rather than just swallow it whole as she did with other brands. Keeps her fur in good condition as well."


  • Specially designed kibble to suit the breed
  • Adapted level of protein contributes to maintaining muscle mass
  • Helps support bone, joint and cardiac health


  • Overall meat content could be higher as the flavour is a dehydrated poultry protein

Best wet cat food for British Shorthair cats

Royal Canin British Shorthair Adult Cat Wet FoodRoyal Canin/Viovet

As well as a dry food recipe, you can get a breed-specific wet food from Royal Canin for your British Shorthair moggy, too. The Royal Canin British Shorthair Adult Cat Wet Food contains a moderate energy level and an adapted fat content for effective weight management to ensure your cat's weight is mostly muscle instead of fat. To help maintain the health of your cat's short, dense and plush coat, these meaty chunks in a succulent gravy contain a specific balance of nutrients and vitamins to not only maintain a healthy and well-nourished coat but also support and maintain healthy skin.

Customer review: "Our British Shorthairs love it."


  • Adapted fat content to help maintain ideal body condition
  • Maintains skin and coat health
  • Specific balance of nutrients and vitamins


  • Exactly meat included unknown as the composition states meat and animal derivatives

Best fresh cat food for British Shorthair cats

KatKin Cat Food SubscriptionKatKin
Price: £53+ per month

For a personalised feeding plan tailored to the exact needs of your British Shorthair, consider a KatKin Cat Food Subscription. KatKin use 100 per cent human-quality meats in their food (so you may be tempted to eat it yourself!) with their recipes created by a board-certified veterinary nutritionist to be nutritious, complete and balanced so your British Shorthair has everything they need in their diet to keep them fit and healthy. You just need to fill in some information about your kitty, such as their age, weight, activity levels and more, so KatKin can calculate their nutritional and calorie needs and the tailored recipe will then be delivered straight to your door.

Customer review: "Just changed our British Shorthair, Berlioz, to KatKin, can’t believe the change in such a short space of time, his coat is so silky, he’s got more energy & no more dramas with the litter tray. Definitely recommend, amazing cat food."


  • Made using 100 per cent human-quality meats
  • Tailored nutrition to take into account weight, active levels, allergies and health conditions
  • Arrives to your door perfectly portioned so you know exactly how much to feed your kitty


  • Food needs to be stored in the freezer/fridge, so make sure you've got plenty of space to store it among your food
  • Price varies from cat to cat due to tailored nature of food

Best weight management food for British Shorthair cats

Hill's Prescription Diet Metabolic Weight Management Feline FoodHill's Prescription Diet/Amazon

If your British Shorthair has started to pile on the pounds or they need help keeping their weight in check, the Hill's Prescription Diet Metabolic Weight Management Feline Food has been clinically formulated to work naturally with your cat's unique energy use for easy and effective weight loss without the need to dramatically reduce their portion size at mealtimes. The food stimulates a cat's natural ability to burn fat with its unique fibre blend helping to keep kitties feeling full and satisfied.

Customer review: "Perfect food for a cat on a weight controlled diet 😻"


  • Helps with weight loss and weight management
  • Keeps cats feeling full and satisfied
  • Provides energy


  • Not recommended for growing kittens, pregnant or nursing cats

Best hypoallergenic cat food for British Shorthair cats

Pro Plan Veterinary Diets Hypoallergenic Dry Cat FoodPurina/Viovet
Price: £14.89-£27.89

If your British Shorthair is starting to show signs of a food allergy, sensitivity or intolerance but you're not sure what it could be, the Pro Plan Veterinary Diets Hypoallergenic Dry Cat Food is a good place to start. It's designed to be used as part of an elimination diet and has a stripped-back ingredients list so you can work out the cause of your kitty's tummy troubles or itchy skin. It's made with protein that has been broken down (hydrolysed) into very tiny components that are too small to cause an allergic reaction and a purified carbohydrate source.

Customer review: "My cat was over grooming and covered in bald patches. Itching all the time. Recommended by the vet. Hes been on it for 6 months now and has stopped the itching and he has a full shiny thick coat. Would Recommend."


  • Stripped back ingredients list to help identify trigger ingredients
  • Helps with skin/tummy troubles
  • Contains hydrolysed protein


  • Best results are used as part of an elimination diet trial, so it might not be ideal for feeding to your kitty long-term

Best high-protein cat food for British Shorthair cats

Scrumbles All Natural Dry Cat FoodScrumbles/Amazon

Made with 75 per cent chicken, Scrumbles All Natural Dry Cat Food offers a high level of protein which will support your British Shorthair's muscle development. It's made with derivatives, preservatives or fillers and is naturally hypoallergenic, so it'll support a glossy coat and healthy urinary tract. It also has added probiotics for gentle digestion, so it's ideal for kitties with sensitive stomachs. Not to mention with all that meat, it's sure to get your kitty purring at mealtimes.

Customer review: "I wanted to get my cat on a mainly meat diet, with as little grain and filler as practically possible while still having some dry food . As all cat owners know, our feline friends can be very picky and won't always decide to like what's good for them. Thankfully this food has been a hit (so far) and my cat actually likes it better than her previous mainstream dry food. Given that she was already eating all proper meat/fish wet food, I can now be reasonably confident that she's getting everything she needs and not too much of what she doesn't. Add a sensible price and quick delivery and it's a winner."


  • High meat content
  • No derivatives, preservatives or fillers
  • Added probiotics for gentle digestion


  • Biggest bag available is 2.5kg, so it might not last very long

Best cat food for British Shorthair cats for coat and skin condition

Royal Canin Hair and Skin Care Adult Dry Cat FoodRoyal Canin/Viovet
Price: £6.49-£77.49

As well as their big, round eyes, the main thing British Shorthairs are known for is their oh-so-fluffy coat. With the Royal Canin Hair and Skin Care Adult Dry Cat Food in their bowls at mealtimes, you’ll know your kitty’s coat will be looking its best. It’s enriched with essential fatty acids such as Omega-3 and Omega-6 to promote healthy skin renewal and hair growth. The formula also includes a unique blend of minerals to support their urinary system health. Clinically proven to enhance coat shin in just 21 days, this hair and skin care food provides comprehensive nutrition for your cat’s wellbeing.

Customer review: "Great product that makes my cat’s coat so glossy, even the vet remarked on how lovely her coat looked. She absolutely loves these biscuits, as well as tasting nice to her, they’re very good for her skin/fur."


  • Great for hair and skin condition
  • Enriched with essential fatty acids
  • Supports their urinary system health


  • Dehydrated poultry protein

Best cat food for British Shorthair kittens

Royal Canin British Shorthair Kitten Dry FoodRoyal Canin/Viovet
Price: £6.51-£84.99

We've included the adult Royal Canin recipes for British Shorthairs earlier in our list, but what about the kittens? As the Royal Canin British Shorthair Kitten Dry Food is literally made for British Shorthair kittens, it'll make sure your kitty gets the best start in life, thanks to its tailored breed-specific nutrition. It has an adapted protein content as well as precisely balanced vitamins and minerals to help support healthy muscles, strong bones and your kitty's immune system while they are still developing. The moon-shaped kibble is specially adapted in size and texture to make it easier for your kitten to grasp.

Customer review: "Have used this for my lilac BSH kitten since I got her, the breeder sent her home with normal RC kitten food but I moved her onto this, when she is 12 months she will go onto the adult version. Kitten loves it and I've had no problems with upset stomachs etc. Might seem a bit pricey but a little goes a long way, I bought a 10kg bag. I've been using the bag for nearly 2 months and haven't used half of it yet. Reckon it will last until February. I would recommend this."


  • Adapted moon-shape kibble
  • Supports immune system development
  • Helps with muscle and bone health


  • Just like the adult food, it's hard to tell what the exact type of meat used in this food as the flavour ingredient is dehydrated poultry protein


Do British Shorthair cats need special food?

While special food isn't technically needed to ensure your British Shorthair cat grows up happy and healthy, they will benefit from having a tailored diet that caters to their specific nutritional needs. You'll want to choose a diet from cat food brands that include high levels of protein for muscle support with essential fatty acids to keep their skin and coat in tip-top condition. You may also want to consider a low-calorie/weight management food as the breed can be prone to weight gain and obesity.

Do British Shorthairs have sensitive stomachs?

While British Shorthair cats aren't particularly known for having a sensitive tum, it doesn't mean that your British Shorthair won't be prone to digestive issues as well as food allergies, sensitivities or intolerances. Factors such as diet, stress and an underlying health condition can all contribute to stomach problems so if you're worried about your kitty's tummy, you should speak to your vet to help you identify the cause.

Best cat food for British Shorthair UK
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How often should a British Shorthair eat?

Like most other cat breeds, British Shorthair cats should ideally eat two to three meals a day as providing meals at regular times helps to regulate their appetite and prevents them from over-eating. If your British Shorthair is a kitten, you may want to feed them more, smaller meals as they grow to accommodate changes in their metabolism and digestion.

Are British Shorthair cats fussy eaters?

Generally, British Shorthairs aren't considered fussy eaters. They have pretty good appetites and enjoy their food. While you won't need to worry about providing a specific cat food for fussy eaters, you may need to consider weight management food instead to ensure they don't pile on the pounds.

However, just like us humans, British Shorthair cats can have their preferences when it comes to flavour and texture, so it's not uncommon for them to turn their noses up if they'd rather have something else dished up to them at meal times.

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