The best dog flea treatments to keep the pests at bay

Fleas are no fun so we've collected the best flea treatments to buy online so fixing your pup is easier than ever

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by Ruby Barry |

Dogs are some of the best pets in the business. There's certainly a reason they're referred to as man's best friend. However, one thing that isn't always pleasant about our pups though is the naughty fleas and ticks that can jump onto them. That's why you'll need to be stocked up on dog flea treatments.

Fleas are sometimes unavoidable, especially when interacting with other dogs or exploring the outdoors. You may have been recommended flea treatments by your vet, but it's not always simple to get your paws on effective treatments that really kill those troublesome insects. They irritate your dog's fur and skin and fleas can also make their way into curtains and furniture, which can aggravate us owners too.

Good news - you can get rid of fleas with a variety of treatments - including spot-on, flea collars, flea shampoos, preventer sprays and more. We've hunted down the top flea treatments to buy online right now, so we and our dogs can get some much-needed relief.

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What flea treatments are the best for our dogs?

There are a few essential flea treatments that you'll want to become acquainted with as a dog owner. Here's our breakdown of those, so you know what you're getting into:

Spot-on treatments: The most popular of those dog flea options, spot-on removers come in pipettes that you squeeze onto the back of your dog's neck which then kills off fleas and ticks. These are continuous treatments that you'll want to stock up on and can work for weeks. They won't irritate your dog's neck and they won't be able to lick it off because it's at the back of their neck.

Shampoos: Similar to humans with nit treatments, you can use dog flea shampoo to get rid of those little pests. Just lather a dog-friendly flea shampoo onto your dog during bath time and it should kill off any fleas in your dog's fur.

Sprays: Flea sprays are usually used as insect repellent for furniture and your belongings. The clue is in the name, all you need to do is spray over the appropriate areas and fleas be gone!

Collars: Dog collars work similarly to spot-on dog flea treatments because they activate at the neck. However, instead of manually squeezing on your dog, these collars will continuously repel fleas. This may be an effective route to go down if your dog isn't fond of shampoo or pipettes, as they're more likely to be familiar with a collar.

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How do I keep fleas away?

We recommend investing in a continuous cycle of treatment, or just making sure that you're stocked up with flea killer in your house so that you can control it before it gets out of hand. Sometimes, fleas are unavoidable. Don't get frustrated if you find they've made their way onto your dog because there are loads of options out there to help you.

Just check out our full round-up of the best flea treatment for dogs below so that you can always have the best to hand for your pooch.

The best dog flea treatments to buy online 2022

Spot-on flea treatments are the most popular method of killing fleas from dogs. These Bob Martin treatments come in a variety of sizes depending on your dog and also have matching flea sprays and fumigation kits that you can use inside your home to ward off fleas and ticks.

Type: Spot-on treatment


Variety of sizes for different breeds.

Cheaper than other brands.


Some dogs react badly to the ingredients in this, so make sure to check with your doctor in case your particular dog may react.

Review: "There are treatments that are a lot more expensive than this 'spot' treatment from Bob Martin. However, price is no guarantee of efficaciousness. In my dog's case, (a 40kg GSD with medium-length hair) the effect has been nothing short of miraculous. He now has a luxurious coat, and more importantly, he no longer suffers from the stress that the infestation of these parasites cause."

If you prefer the method of lathering your pooch up and getting into the nitty-gritty of their coat, invest in a flea shampoo like this Animology option. It's tea-tree scented which means no nasty smells and soothes your dog's skin as it gets rid of those fleas. There are a variety of options you can get, like shampoos for white-haired dogs, curly coat flea shampoos, deep clean and more.

Type: Shampoo


It's easy to incorporate into your routine (aka washing your dog).

There are a variety of options for different coats.


You may need to wash your dog several times before all fleas are gone.

Review: "Since using it (and respraying beds, carpets etc with flea spray) [fleas] have all gone! Lathered up well, the scent was pleasant and not overpowering, it rinsed out quickly... All in all, I give this shampoo 5 stars. It's great!"

Another spot-on treatment, this option not only does fleas but also ticks too. Frontline is recommended by vets, but it's easily bought at pet stores without a prescription, so you'll be able to stock up when you need it. Find fleas and ticks gone within 48 hours.

Type: Spot-on treatment


Frontline is recommended by vets, so you know you're giving the best option to your dog.


It is slightly more expensive than other brands.

Review: "Having used many different products over the years from the vets. This is the one I keep coming back to. It works well and more importantly, my animals have no adverse reactions to it."

Does your dog suffer from sensitive, itchy skin from normal dog shampoos? Make sure to pick up this Cooper & Gracie flea shampoo, made with natural ingredients. It helps to soothe those bites and scratches from fleas. It's also suitable for puppies.

Type: Shampoo


Great for dogs with sensitive skin.

Reviews rave about its extremely fast and effective technique.


It does not state how much to apply to different-sized dogs.

Review: "This shampoo is simply AMAZING! Our pug got infected with fleas despite his monthly treatment and scratched himself to blood. After a single use of the shampoo, he stopped scratching. I repeated the bath a few days later and kept water in the bath to check for fleas and he had none!"

The great thing about flea collars is that you can just pop on and let them get to work. This flea collar has flea repellent built-in and has natural ingredients that won't harm your dog's skin. As well as this, it's waterproof and adjustable up to 23 inches so any dog breed can work with this collar.

Type: Flea collar


Perfect for dogs who don't like change or liquid on their body.

It has a pleasant lavendar smell.


Some reviews state their dog has a reaction to the collar so may not be suited to dogs with sensitive skin.

Review: "This is working well. My dog went to have a groom and had a few fleas and a tick so ordered this and within days there were no fleas or eggs. Bonus: it lasts eight months, so works out a lot cheaper than others items. Will definitely get it again."

Here is another great flea shampoo option that works for both puppies as well as adult dogs too. Containing natural biodegradable Pyrethrum, you can get a soft and silky smooth coat while irradicating those insects. For under £5, it's a bargain.

Type: Flea shampoo


Super cheap and effective.

Reviews state the fleas come off easily whilst lathering up.


This may not be strong enough if your dog has a serious flea/tick problem.

Review: "Great dog anti-flea shampoo for price. Tried numerous others, more expensive and less expensive but always come back to this. Great lather, great smell. The dog has had no skin problems from this shampoo (Cairn Terrier)."

Long-lasting product and so easy to use, you should invest in a household pest cleanse like this Cooper & Gracie choice. Safe for your family and pets, all it takes is to spray it on furniture like carpets, curtains and sofas where pests may be hiding.

Type: Cleansing spray


Useful if you've already done your de-fleaing of your dog but are still getting bites- they may be hidden in your furniture.

The spray is pet and child friendly.


Some reviews state this spray did nothing for them, whilst others say its a miracle spray. The consensus is a little confusing.

Review: "I was sceptical but on spraying the pet bed, I could see the specks where the spray has killed the eggs. So definitely recommend it. I will buy it again. Smells really nice."

This Indorex spray tackles fleas, as well as dust mites and eggs to really get down to the nitty-gritty. With over 17,000 reviews on Amazon, you can definitely trust the reviewer's choice. It works effectively as a preventative and will keep these fleas away for up to 12 weeks. Say sayonara to those pests.

Type: Flea spray


It's the number one seller on Amazon for flea spray and has many rave reviews.

It takes one day to work.


The smell of the vapour from this spray is strong, and may cause dizziness if the room is not properly ventilated.

Review: "This spray actually works. Lots of fleas in our downstairs and upstairs carpets. Sprayed all floors in the house and the bed with one can, still got some left. Quick venting of the house and all was good. No problems with both dogs and kid that was just over one year old."

Sometimes the best products are those made with all-natural ingredients, most importantly if you have a pet with sensitive skin. This 100 per cent natural treatment from Ruben Oscar will make sure your pup has long-term protection from fleas, ticks and lice.

Type: Spot-on treatment


An all-natural, non-chemical alternative.

You can apply this more often due to its non-toxic ingredients.


This may be more of a preventative measure than one to solely get rid of fleas that are already on your dog.

Some dogs with very sensitive skin may react badly to this even if it is all natural.

Review: "This is the product for my fur babies! I find applying when they are eating makes it effortless. This has worked better than shampoo, spray, collars and pills and I have tried a few! I am really precious about what Buster, Topsy and Cleo come into contact with so an all-natural solution that is powerful enough to keep them flea-free is a win-win."

Sometimes- things escalate, and you feel at your wit's end. If you're stuck with fleas everywhere and want an all-in product that will trap them all, these Fly-Bye traps help to catch fleas by replicating animal heat. All you need to do is plug in and leave the non-toxic trap to control fleas for months. This one has two traps and 12 discs in so you won't run out anytime soon.

Type: Flea trap


If you are really in a flea pickle, these traps will aid you in successfully ridding your house of pests.

They can be useful to gauge which rooms in your house are the most infested, and spotlight the problem.


The bulbs may need replacing after a while, these can be bought easily online/in-store.

Review: "Amazing product. We ordered two of these, one for the conservatory and one on the landing upstairs. The conservatory trap caught a whooping 329 fleas. We still have the traps going but thankfully they are now clear. I really, really, really recommend this product."

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